Wesbank Vehicle Finance provides a complete solution to a typical South African’s vehicle financing needs. For people who do not speak cars, it can get be very difficult to distinguish between good cars and “lemons” as there are many technicalities involved. Hence, Wesbank assists individuals in deciphering what individuals can afford in terms of not just the immediate car payment but also fuel costs in the long run.

Wesbank also becomes a third party in a private car sale and protects the interests of both buyer and seller. However if an individual wants to purchase from a dealer as well, assistance is at hand through Wesbank. The same applies to leisure vehicles as well including speed boats and RVs.

For the convenience of their customers, Wesbank also has a virtual directory of second-hand cars available, that prospective clients can view and choose from. These are all inspected and appraised for the ease of its customers.

contact details:
Telephone 0861 900 900
Fax 0861 101 833
E-mail finance@wesbank.co.za