Maravedi loans cater to those individuals who have been blacklisted in South Africa. Typically blacklisted individuals have to go through a lot of problems to receive credit or financing, whether it is short term or long term. However, denying them loans is actually what adds to the illness and not a solution.

Maravedi provides loans for personal use as well as to fund education for students studying at the university level. Loan amounts range from R1,000 to R50,000 and clients can opt for any amount between this range, provided they have been screened by the bank.

Maravedi loans

Maravedi requires all applicants to provide identification documents, along with proof of employment. This is to be able to prove that the applicant has a regular salary and two recent paycheques may also be required to verify the information. The application process can be initiated either online or through walk-in at the many branches of Maravedi across South Africa.

maravedi loans

Simply call 0860 222 765