LoanFinder SA is one of South Africa’s leading credit provider. Their team is packed with experts who sift roughly through an astounding 60,000 applications a year. This arms them with the knowledge of how many South African households function and allows them to introduce innovative packages that cater to a typical South African.

However, LoanFinder SA not only offers finding lenders on your behalf, but also offers legal advice on matters that are commonly faced by people. These include problems at the workplace, advice regarding dealing with landlords/tenants or any other legal assistance that may be required by the applicant.

They also offer a service called Credit Snapshot that reveals your credit score as computed by leading service providers in the industry. Furthermore, LoanFinder SA’s agents are available on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all for a total or R350 payable only once!

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– tel 021-815-4600

LoanFinder SA