Tips for Blacklisted People and how to manage your debt : Although there are many institutions in South Africa that are willing to loan to blacklisted individuals, it can still be very hard to procure a good interest rate with a poor credit report. Here’s what you can do to improve your credit score overtime:

  1. Maintaining a good credit record does not mean you cut your credit cards into two and stash them into the bin; instead do your best to repay them before the due date and this good behavior will do wonders for your credit report.
  2. Do not take unnecessary credit. You can purchase the groceries through the credit card, but big purchases like a car or a latest cell phone that may be deemed avoidable can hamper your affordability ratings.
  3. Take care not to open unnecessary lines of credit. If you already have a credit card, don’t go hunting for another. Instead, close your account at the first bank and only then opt for the next credit card vendor.

How to get out of debt

Below are are few tools to assist you with this process.

Debt calculator
Debt consolidation loans