African bank loans – This financial institution is a popular bank and used by many South Africans as their primary or secondary bank. As a result of its large clientele, it is able to serve its clients in the most efficient way possible, at reduced costs.

African Bank offers business and personal loans. Business loans are offered to new entrepreneurs and established businessmen, alike. These loans range from R1,500 to R180,000. Business loans also include payday or payroll loans to facilitate employers so that cash flow is not a problem.

Each loan package is individually tailored so that it not only suits the debtor’s requirement, but so that it is not too harsh on their wallet during the repayment tenure.

African Bank is also known to approve of loan applications within minutes, and funds are disbursed even faster. This is because they commit themselves to customer satisfaction and understands that time is money for their esteemed clients.

african bank loans