SA multi loans – Bridge Loans has been in existence since 1994 and was established with the intention of providing small to medium amount of loans which support people’s expenditure on a monthly basis. Indeed, many people have a tough time meeting their monthly expenses, especially with the trend kid’s tuition fee is taking! Similarly, grocery expenses are also creeping up which makes putting food on the table even more difficult.

Identifying this need of the general public, Bridge Loans (formerly SA Multi Loans) was initiated and offers up to R10,000 in loans. The primary objective of this company is to become the preferred loan provider of South Africa enabling it to grow further. Of course, a business is cannot grow unless it’s clients are satisfied with their service.

Emphasizing on the previous point, Bridge Loans has grown multiple times since its establishment and its records are a testament to this fact. They provide full time employment to at least a thousand South Africans spread across 176 national branches. 24 additional branches are expected to be added by the end of 2012 thus increasing the number even further.

SA multi loans

SA multi loans or Bridge Loans offer loans of up to R6,500 for up to 6 months. This loan is available to all individuals who have been employed for a minimum of the previous 3 months and their salary is deposited under their personal account. Bridge Loans also offers consumer products on credit including cell phones. New phones are added to their packages every month so that consumers can own the latest gadgets available in the market.

sa multi loans