DebtLab Loans


DebtLab Loans – we bet every buyer out there has been confused when making purchase due to the numerous vendors out there. This rings true for almost all types of products and services as vendors can be compared on various bases apart from pricing.

This is where DebtLab comes in to relieve prospective debtors of the stress of choosing an ideal lender for themselves. Other services offered by debtlab are provision of cell phone contracts, insurance quotes and debt counseling.

DebtLab works by matching a debtor to the best lender based on a variety of factors. However the best part about this service is that there is no extra charge to customers for using DebtLab as their middleman even though it almost guarantees good compatibility between creditor and debtor. So not only is it free, it returns results to debtors in a very short time period of 24 hours.

DebtLab Loans

More details:
– Tel 021 300 1077
– email
– site Debtlab

Bidvest Bank Loans


Bidvest Bank loans – Strong businesses are the backbone of any country’s economy and it goes without saying that a business derives its strength from its financial position. However, the word business cycle was coined aptly because every single business out there goes through a series of ups and downs throughout its lifecycle. The key to survival during those troughs is solid financial backing that allows businesses to stay above water when the tide is rising.

This is where a good bank comes into play with its financing options whether they be an overdraft facility or asset financing. Only the best rates are available at Bidvest Bank that help you stay competitive in a cut-throat industry as their experts analyze the financials of the company closely and only suggest loan packages that the company can comfortably afford and successfully use to expand its operations.

Also, as the company grows and its needs change, Bidvest also periodically analyzes new needs and suggests credit lines accordingly. This further strengthens the company as its management confidently takes decisions when it knows it has financial support readily available from Bidvest Bank.

More contact details:
– Tel: +27 11 407 3103
– site Bidvest Bank
– Finance calculator

Bidvest Bank Loans

Boodle Loans


With the motto “Instant cash, anytime and anywhere,” Boodle offers instant short-term loans. Residents of South Africa are eligible to get personal loans up to R2,500 in hours by applying through Boodle online loan service. The entire application process takes a few minutes and you can get loan the same day. Boodle assures credit of the loan amount to your account within 10 minute of the completion of the fast approval process.

Visit the Boodle website and select how much credit you require and for what duration. The online tool calculates and apprises you of interest and fees upfront. If the conditions meet your requirements, you can register through Boodle easy online loan application process. Agreements are easy to understand and the documentation process is short and fast.

The Boodle personal loan offer includes:
– Fast and instant personal loans without any mortgage
– Instant short term loans, such as payday loans, salary advance
– Quick cash advance online
– Loans for people with credit rating
– Student loan
– Bad credit solutions

Boodle loans require borrowers to have banking transactions through Nedbank, FNB, Standard Bank, Capitec, and Absa.

Boodle Loans

For more details:
– Email
– Tel 0861 266 353
– finance calculator

Teba Bank personal loan


Teba Bank Personal Loans – there is always a risk of some emergency or unexpected financial need at one point or the other in life. Teba Bank knows this fully, so it has developed the flexible Ubank Personal Loan. You can apply for up to R50, 000 with repayment periods from 2 to 36 month.
The amount you qualify for and the repayment period is also influenced by the state of your credit profile after we run a credit check.
Visit any Teba Bank branch to apply, and you can access the money from your Ubank account, immediately after approval.
To Apply:

  • Two contact numbers – yours and your relative
  • Over 18 years, under 65 years
  • Bar-coded South African ID or passport
  • Current proof of residence
  • 3 months bank statement

teba bank personal loans
More contact details:
– Site here
– tel 086 000 8322
– loan caculator

Wonga loans


Online personal loans by Wonga offer the most convenient and straightforward way to obtain financial assistance. The swiftness in loan approval and uncomplicated online application make it suitable and apt for all requirements. It offers personal loans between R100 and R2,000 subject to qualifications through online application.

The application procedure for online loans on is undemanding and fast. No paperwork or running after for document submission is required. From loan application to money transfer, all work is done online and you need not have to run here and there to get the loan.

Just visit and click on the slides shown on the home page on your loan amount required. Details of interest and conditions will become visible, and once you are satisfied with it, you can select the loan plan. Fill you banking and personal details to avail the super-speedy credit check.

The online personal loan approval process at is fast, and the cash is transferred to client account immediately after the loan is approved. The repayment is also made online and the lender collects it from your bank directly.
You can apply for online personal loans up to R2,000. The amount is increased gradually for recurring clients, allowing them more borrowing flexibility. However, the increase is subject to Wonga trust rating.

wonga loans

Contact details:
– Tel 0861 966421
– finance calculator
– site wonga

Debt Counselling


Debt is both an economic and a psychological burden. Many become indebted following unwise decisions, bad financial management or spiraling borrowing. Debt counselling educates consumers on managing their finances and prevents amplification of debt.

Debt counselling and management services have gained pre-eminence in the last few years as economic slowdown has forced many to go for borrowing to finance expenditures. Many indebted failing to repay housing, personal, car and other loans, are facing litigations or repossession that severely impact their family and relationships.

With a debt counselling and management expert at your side, you can easily sort out practicalities and formalities of debt. His strong emotional and professional support makes you to feel calm and strong and plan and tackle finances. His expert advice allows you to control borrowings, streamline repayments, augment earnings, and mange expenditures.

The biggest advantage of hiring a debt counselling and management expert is to address the crux of your debt problem – what prompts you to borrow frequently. It helps one to introspect and prevent debt traps engrossing him in the future. Timely and right debt counselling and debt management support can rescue one from living an ashamed and scary life.

Elite loans


Planning for a short-term loan to finance some urgent expenditure? Are you unsure of any reliable and credible source to apply for a personal loan? Elite’s personal loans are designed to meet all you financing needs and repayment convenience.
Elite’s personal loans are perfect for any short-term financial need. Well appreciated for customer service and swift approval process, Elite Group offers personal loans between R300 and R8,000 with repayment periods extending over six months.

One has to submit a few documents, including an application and credit details, and the approval executives will try to make is as swift as possible. Once the credit report is checked, instant electronic payments are made to clients.
Client can choose ECS or salary deduction for repayment of Elite’s personal loans. You can call the customer care or visit one of 18 front offices it has in South Africa.

Contact detials:
– site here
– tel 011 475 7705
– finance calculator

FNB Revolving loan

FNB Revolving Loan is the easiest and most expedient way to refinance your needs. You are qualified to take the funds again and again on the only condition that you have paid back just 15% of the loan.

Designed for borrowers looking to finance expenditure before their next pay bill, FNB Revolving Loan offers a number of conveniences. No set terms for repayment allows one to take own call on the time spread for repayment. The monthly fee is as low as R40 and you do not have to pay any extra charges until you use the funds.

Quick approval and swift availability of funds on your Personal Cheque Account make the FNB Revolving Loan reflect your requirement in the best possible way. Your position as a reliable borrower enables fast application processing and approval making sure you get money in time. You can also have payments every month through debit order.

Contact details:
site – here
tel – 0860 327 827
loan – calculator

No fax payday loans


One of the reasons why No Fax Pay Day loans are so popular amongst their audience is because, even people with poor credit scores can avail financing through this option. It is a convenient and hassle-free option for debtors to avail when liquidity is tight.

Almost all banks and lending institutions now offer the facility of applying for loans online through a secure internet connection. However, due to the popularity of this industry, many unscrupulous elements have found their way in to deceive people and make a quick buck.

Prospective debtors need to be wary of these and take necessary precautions to avoid falling into their trap. When applying for loans online, always ensure you are entering information on a verified site. Double check the URL of the website from the institution you are availing the services of.

Similarly, you can check online forums and websites which offer reviews and ratings regarding the quality of services of each institution. No fax pay day loans have very favorable reviews and South Africans can be very comfortable while availing their services.

FNB business loan


FNB business loan – In sensitive times such as the ones we are living in now, businesses can meet quite sharp and unexpected turns during the course of their daily activities. Almost always, the need for additional funds arises out of nowhere. If fulfilled appropriately, it can result in massive growth for the business if it manages to seize those golden opportunities that seldom knock on the door.

Business Loan

However, in such critical scenarios, it can be difficult to evaluate all available choices particularly if the need if the shortfall needs to be provided for urgently. FNB is a bank that is an ideal choice for all types of short to medium term business loans, whether the amount is needed to finance working capital or to fulfill long term investment needs.

Although the loan is tailored for unique circumstances, typical repayment periods range from a year to 5 years. The minimum amount that can be obtained under this package is R50,000.

Contact details:
– website here
– tel 087 575 9479
– finance calculator

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