A get finance from Loan Tycoon SA: there are always a number of reasons and circumstances how one can land in hot water and find themselves blacklisted. Unfortunately, even if you were blacklisted at no fault of yours, it still affects your financial status and makes life rather difficult especially when seeking credit.

In comes Loan Tycoon SA to the rescue! They provide a range of loan packages of up to R15, 000 to all South Africans throughout the country. They also have packages suited for those people who have a bad credit record due to being blacklisted, those who have defaulted in their debt repayment or have judgments.

Loan Tycoon SA is a reputable broker that guarantees to help you in any way to get a loan, by going directly to the lender on your behalf – with the assurance that there are no hidden costs involved.

To apply for a loan from Loan Tycoon SA you need to be a South African citizen of over 18 years of age, employed with a monthly salary of R1, 500 or more.

Tel: 021 801 1251