FNB Revolving Loan is the easiest and most expedient way to refinance your needs. You are qualified to take the funds again and again on the only condition that you have paid back just 15% of the loan.

Designed for borrowers looking to finance expenditure before their next pay bill, FNB Revolving Loan offers a number of conveniences. No set terms for repayment allows one to take own call on the time spread for repayment. The monthly fee is as low as R40 and you do not have to pay any extra charges until you use the funds.

Quick approval and swift availability of funds on your Personal Cheque Account make the FNB Revolving Loan reflect your requirement in the best possible way. Your position as a reliable borrower enables fast application processing and approval making sure you get money in time. You can also have payments every month through debit order.

Contact details:
site – here
tel – 0860 327 827
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