Wesbank Vehicle Finance


Wesbank Vehicle Finance provides a complete solution to a typical South African’s vehicle financing needs. For people who do not speak cars, it can get be very difficult to distinguish between good cars and “lemons” as there are many technicalities involved. Hence, Wesbank assists individuals in deciphering what individuals can afford in terms of not just the immediate car payment but also fuel costs in the long run.

Wesbank also becomes a third party in a private car sale and protects the interests of both buyer and seller. However if an individual wants to purchase from a dealer as well, assistance is at hand through Wesbank. The same applies to leisure vehicles as well including speed boats and RVs.

For the convenience of their customers, Wesbank also has a virtual directory of second-hand cars available, that prospective clients can view and choose from. These are all inspected and appraised for the ease of its customers.

contact details:
Telephone 0861 900 900
Fax 0861 101 833

Cell phone contracts for blacklisted people

Cell phone contracts for blacklisted people – Having a cell phone is absolutely vital in this era; it doesn’t just keep you connected with friends and family but with the entire world through the internet technology that is rapidly growing by leaps and bounds.
Unfortunately, sometimes it happens in South Africa that people who have been blacklisted because of poor finances may be denied a cell phone contract, completely isolating them. This does not just deprive them of their social life, but it is important for business networking as well which will help them stand up on their feet financially as well.

Hence, some companies are taking initiative to launch cell phone contracts for blacklisted people which are available in South Africa but mainly widespread in Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and some other cities. Another added benefit is that under the terms and conditions of these contracts, all personal information is kept secret and not disclosed to outside agencies allowing blacklisted individuals to start afresh in life.

Mastercard credit card

Mastercard credit card – Many South Africans travel outside of their city and country regularly for business and leisure. However since such trips are far away from home, many people are hesitant to take a lot of money with them for fear of losing it or being robbed of in a foreign land.

On such trips Mastercard credit cards are extremely handy. Because of their popularity and wide acceptance, a Mastercard customer is able to travel freely without any concerns when they are carrying their card as it is accepted at 22 million retailers and locations, globally.

This credit card is available in various spending limits to comply with the financial habits of diverse families and individuals. For example, the Standard Mastercard is suitable for those people who rarely purchase through credit card but keep one as a safety measure in emergencies. The Gold card allows for a higher spending limit and easier repayment terms, while the Platinum card has the highest range of limits, payment terms and rewards, alike.

In South Africa, Mastercard is supported by various local banks such as ABSA, Standard Bank and Nedbank.

Vehicle finance


Since many people cannot afford to pay for a brand new car right out of their pockets, vehicle financing is used to help through the process, and has become very popular. Vehicle financing is not only being offered just by banks, but also by car showrooms and salesmen.

Vehicle financing options made available by the bank are likely to be cheaper than those offered by salesmen. This is because the bank wants to sell the loan to the client and ensures it is offering a competitive package. The salesmen at various car outlets are required to sell a car for which they earn a sales commission. So not only are they going to press the customer to buy the car, they are going to push for a loan that is more expensive in the end as a portion of the money is also going in to their pocket.

In order to decrease your interest cost for vehicle financing from a bank, try to put down a larger deposit. This will decrease the number of payments to be made along with the cumulative interest cost. However, the down payment should not be increased at the expense of dwindling savings.

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