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A get finance from Loan Tycoon SA: there are always a number of reasons and circumstances how one can land in hot water and find themselves blacklisted. Unfortunately, even if you were blacklisted at no fault of yours, it still affects your financial status and makes life rather difficult especially when seeking credit.

In comes Loan Tycoon SA to the rescue! They provide a range of loan packages of up to R15, 000 to all South Africans throughout the country. They also have packages suited for those people who have a bad credit record due to being blacklisted, those who have defaulted in their debt repayment or have judgments.

Loan Tycoon SA is a reputable broker that guarantees to help you in any way to get a loan, by going directly to the lender on your behalf – with the assurance that there are no hidden costs involved.

To apply for a loan from Loan Tycoon SA you need to be a South African citizen of over 18 years of age, employed with a monthly salary of R1, 500 or more.

Tel: 021 801 1251

FNB Smart Bond loan


FNB Smart Bond – Another type of loan that people perceive to be fairly technical is a bond. Bonds are exactly like loans save the different term and perhaps a few features.

FNB offers the Smart Bond for South Africans who have a total household income of up to R25,000 and this bond can be used for a variety of purposes including keeping a 100% deposit on a home you like or renovating or building your current one.

The bond needs to be paid back with 5% fixed annual interest rate most likely for 5 years but can depend on every debtors’ financial condition. There is also an opportunity for the debtor to apply for a further loan known as the Smart Bond Re-advance or Smart Bond Further Loan while FNB also offers assistance to first time home buyers in finding a suitable but affordable home. This will ensure that the debtor is not only able to afford his current expenses plus the amount required to build or renew his new home.

FNB Smart Bond loan

Tel: 087 736 6000
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Nedbank Vehicle Finance


Vehicle Finance – Nedbank as a company wishes to attain the status of the most respected bank in South Africa, not as just adjudged by customers, but by all stakeholders including employees, shareholders, regulators, government etc. In an attempt to reach this esteemed status, Nedbank and MFC strive to provide the most affordable loans so that the average South African can fulfill his dream of owning his car without being under a mountain of debt.

Nedbak Vehicle Finance being renamed to MFC A Division of Nedbank as a result of a merger between MFC and Nedbank Asset and Vehicle Finance. As a result of this coalition, South Africans can enjoy better services courtesy the best resources behind both these organizations.

MFC A Division of Nedbank offers online vehicle finance application as well to ensure convenience although interested clients can instead call or even walk in to a branch to obtain more information about vehicle financing if they so wish.


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Bayport blacklisted loans

Bayport Financial Services is here to help you find financial solutions by offering credit of up to R100, 000. Whatever your financial need may be – building or renovating your home, consolidating your debts, furthering studies – Bayport personal Loans is the easiest, quickest way to achieve these.
Bayport Financial Services’ interest rates are fixed all through the loan repayment period, which means you have the freedom to budget properly and the convenience to save money. Repayment is easy; simply ensure that the right amount of money is available in your bank account every month, for the debit order.
Bayport offers its clients personalized care to guarantee that you are well informed about all the options available to you and any other financial information that will come in handy when making the decision to take out a loan.

Visit our easy to use and informative website for more information.

Tel: 0861 550 555
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FNB Debt Consolidation Loans – Debt Relief

FNB loans- Debt consolidation involves bundling up a number of debts together and paying them simultaneously through a single fixed monthly payment. It offers a hassle-free means of paying off loans especially when you’ve got more than a couple that charge different rates of interest.

Life is extremely fast-paced and stressful these days, so it is extremely hard to find the time to calculate your monthly interest payments especially when some loans charge a fixed rate and others a floating rate.
FNB is one of the best banks around in South Africa and offers unbeatable debt consolidation packages that can be availed simply by calling FNB and requesting for the Straight 2 Budget Debt Relief Plan. It will not only help you to reschedule and pay according to your budget, it will also help improve your monthly cash flow so you can afford a better quality of life.

Nedbank small business loans


Nedbank loans: Small businesses are the backbone of every economy. Although during the start they hire very few people compared to large businesses, their numbers are larger thus compensating for their small size.

Every government needs to support small businesses to ensure unemployment numbers are kept in check and new graduates entering the job market have viable jobs to consider and thus avoid brain drain. Similarly, banks also provide options for small businesses to help them to set up and grow.

Nedbank also provides startup loans ranging from a minimum of R100,000 that also offers several perks for the next two years including a free cheque book and cheque transactions, free cash deposits, internet banking and unlimited debit orders . This offer is valid for franchises and new businesses that have been in operation for less than 2 years and these perks alone can save up to R60,000 in bank costs for the new business.

For more details:
– nedbank khula loans
– finance calculator

Nedbank small business loans

How to get out of debt


Tips for Blacklisted People and how to manage your debt : Although there are many institutions in South Africa that are willing to loan to blacklisted individuals, it can still be very hard to procure a good interest rate with a poor credit report. Here’s what you can do to improve your credit score overtime:

  1. Maintaining a good credit record does not mean you cut your credit cards into two and stash them into the bin; instead do your best to repay them before the due date and this good behavior will do wonders for your credit report.
  2. Do not take unnecessary credit. You can purchase the groceries through the credit card, but big purchases like a car or a latest cell phone that may be deemed avoidable can hamper your affordability ratings.
  3. Take care not to open unnecessary lines of credit. If you already have a credit card, don’t go hunting for another. Instead, close your account at the first bank and only then opt for the next credit card vendor.

How to get out of debt

Below are are few tools to assist you with this process.

Debt calculator
Debt consolidation loans

JDFS Loans

JDFS Loans – It doesn’t matter how much anyone would like to disagree with it, fact remains that apart from happiness money can buy everything. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with an abundance of wealth. Fortunately on the other hand, there are numerous credit institutions in South Africa that offer affordable loans to the general public for their convenience.

JDFS is another such lending party that offers loans up R24,000 to employed South Africans of legal age. There is no restriction on the use of loan, for example a debtor can use it for paying off his medical bills as well as cover his tuition expense for himself or his children.

However, these loans need not just be used for necessities, but can also be used to pay for some luxuries like covering the expense of a vacation or funding the renovation of your home like buying furniture etc.
The tenure and principal amount is flexible depending on the need of the person and his budget.

JDFS Loans

LoanFinder SA

LoanFinder SA is one of South Africa’s leading credit provider. Their team is packed with experts who sift roughly through an astounding 60,000 applications a year. This arms them with the knowledge of how many South African households function and allows them to introduce innovative packages that cater to a typical South African.

However, LoanFinder SA not only offers finding lenders on your behalf, but also offers legal advice on matters that are commonly faced by people. These include problems at the workplace, advice regarding dealing with landlords/tenants or any other legal assistance that may be required by the applicant.

They also offer a service called Credit Snapshot that reveals your credit score as computed by leading service providers in the industry. Furthermore, LoanFinder SA’s agents are available on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all for a total or R350 payable only once!

More detials:
– site Loanfinder SA
– email
– tel 021-815-4600

LoanFinder SA

Qwiek Loans


Qwiek Loans has been in the South African lending industry since 20 years and has paved its way slowly but surely amongst the best of creditors. They offer all sorts of credit to legal South African citizens regardless of whether they’ve been previously blacklisted or not.

However, the criteria to that needs to be fulfilled includes employment of the prospective debtor for at least 2 months and proof of this must be shown from a bank statement where the salary is deposited. Secondly this ensures that the applicant is also of legal age, i.e. above 18 years.

Qwiek also requires proof of residence be submitted for verification at the time of loan application.
To apply, you only need to fill in a short form at the website that will take all necessary information from you. Once the information is processed and reviewed by the employees at Qwiek loans, you will be contacted with the result of your application and the loan processing will start at the earliest.

Tel: 014 592 7405
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Qwiek Loans

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